About MyJuiceCo

We have a bit of a thing for fruit and vegetables, we want to help you to achieve your 5-A-Day and lose weight in a sustainable way. We offer a unique range of specially formulated lifestyle products, to help you maintain a balanced diet and achieve goals naturally.  Quite simply, all our products are natural, bursting with fruit, vegetables, protein, vitamins and minerals.       

We are 100% independent and born by a group of passionate individuals with extensive experience in the nutrition industry we have combined expertise to create the focused natural nutrition.  

So why is it 'The Juice Revolution'?  Quite simply, it's an easy, tasty, sustainable way to looking good and feeling great!

Why we are different

* Each pack contains at least 15 different fruits and vegetables

* Total Shakes available in Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate.  Soup in Vegetable, Tomato and Herb flavours.   

* High in protein, 18 grams per serving

* Each pack contains 33% of your vitamins and minerals daily allowance  

* High in fibre

* Suitable for vegetarians


MyJuiceCo Philosophy

Our philosophy is driven by product and you, our customers. We refuse to cut corners or compromise in any part of our development or manufacturing. We are 100% independent and proud of it. We do not operate through third party or independent resellers, operating exclusively online so that we can pass on savings directly to you.

Our product is manufactured exclusive in the UK, using the highest quality ingredients. Our manufacturing facility is a Grade A BRC Food certified, ensuring that the highest standards have gone into producing all of our products.