MyJuiceCo Shaker Bottle

MyJuiceCo Shaker Bottle

  • Guaranteed leak-proof shaker

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Easy to use screw-top lid



The MyJuiceCo Shaker bottle is a premium quality shaker made by the world renowned Buchsteiner of Germany. It is guaranteed leak-proof and dishwasher friendly, at an ultra-low price.

Each shaker bottle has a secure screw-top lid and an enclosed mesh grill,  so that you can enjoy each drink right from the bottle. A  bag-sized, compact and easy to carry bottle, this 500ml or 18oz liquid capacity shaker, and is clearly labelled for accurate measuring.

Made out of high quality raw material that complies with all regulations regarding food contact. Certified by independent laboratories. Easy to clean in the dish-washer.

Remember that every MyJuiceCo shaker bottle is absolutely leak-proof, no matter if the liquid is water or milk-based. Do not shake hot drinks for example MyJuiceCo Soup Bowl.


Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

Tastes Amazing
Yours is first product that I've had that you can mix with water and still tastes amazing. I've not got much to lose but I've already dropped a dress size from 12 to 10. Review by Katie / (Posted on 20/03/2016)
Happy Customer
I have to say the sample box is amazing guys thank you so much. Such a great way to try the products for a low cost. Today I have tried the Vanilla milkshake for breakfast and Strawberry for lunch, to be honest I was dreading trying thinking just another sliming milkshake. I was shocked they are lovely. Also felt quite full too. I will Defo be trying this now and would highly recommend to anyone Review by Heather / (Posted on 20/03/2016)
Not one for meal replacements having tried them many years' ago, I was not over-optimistic about these being any different. How wrong was I. The soup is simply fab, it tastes amazing but not only whilst you eat it but a good 20 minutes after I still felt as though it was one of the tastiest soups I have had. I realise that this sounds very odd and extreme and I thought it was a bit weird as it is a packet soup but my hubby said the same when he tried one and thought I was mad. As for the shakes, well these are again not like others, they are thick, made easily with water and they are really tasty (oh and not powdery). I would say to anyone that has tried meal replacements before and not been impressed should try these. I have been using this now for a month, a shake every breakfast and soups midweek, I still eat out at the weekends and enjoy my food. I have dropped a dress size from a 14 to a 12 . So not only do they taste fab and are easy to prepare they work. Review by Lisa / (Posted on 20/03/2016)
Best by far
Recived my sample box last week tried it♡ loved it ♡everything is so delicious highly recommend I've tried a lot of the shakes from different Company and I've got to say this is best by far ♡♡♡ Review by Lisa / (Posted on 19/02/2016)
Great shaker bottle, compact and hasn't leaked Review by JD / (Posted on 25/01/2016)

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